Database Error Occured

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Just got the professional v3.19.003.
Install went ok, now trying to configure the addon in WHMCS; filling in the database credentials and the rest on that page - getting
Database Error Occured
Unable to determine remote database details.
Debian 10.3
ioncube 10.3.9
Database cluster - MariaDB 10.4.12

Checked the credentials countless times and they're ok. Other apps are using the database cluster without issues.
Any clue where to dig?

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Thank you for reporting this issue. When installing the module please make sure no old tables exist in your WHMCS database starting with 'mod_solutedns'. The error: 'Unable to determine remote database details.' is generated when the SoluteDNS Core is unable to retrieve the database details from the WHMCS module. In most cases, this happens when old tables for SoluteDNS already existed in the WHMCS database when performing a new installation.
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