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v0.1.5 released

Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 00:19
by Daniel
We are excited to release v0.1.5 whit new features like the much requested zone management for clients, and DNS templates for clients. Here we are highlighting some improvements. Please see the change log for a full list!

Client Zone Management
This release comes with the all new client zone management. Clients can now manage their own zones even if they are not registered as domain or product within WHMCS. Additionally clients can set a custom template which will be used for all newly created zones including newly registered domains. Clients are able to apply this template also existing zones.

Import and Export Zones
Clients can import and export zones at the client zone manager. Admins can import and export all zones in the BIND format.

Health System
The health system checks if there are any processing errors at the nameserver and checks remote validity, for example by checking if the correct nameservers are registered.

Mutation Tool
The mutation tool allows you to add, edit and delete global records. This is quite useful for example if you need to change a IP globally or need to add or remove a nameserver.

Auto Updater
The in v0.1.4 introduced auto updater can finally be used. Update your installation with 1 click by using the auto updater option.

Check the changelogs for more features, enhancements and fixes in this release.

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