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v0.2.0 released

Posted: 04 Sep 2015, 18:40
by Daniel
After a long development period we are very excited to announce SoluteDNS for WHMCS 6 is finally available. This first release is an alpha release in order to make sure it’s reliability is on the same level as the current 0.1.x branch before going into beta with the new branch.

The full core of SoluteDNS 0.2.x has been reviewed. Some features may be remove while others have been added or will be added again in later releases. As we wanted to push out this upgrade as soon as possible not all features we wanted to include are included yet. However they will be added to the project tracker so you are able to review which features are still in development.

Important to know is we have developed the new admin and user interface with Bootstrap 3. On older templates of WHMCS bootstrap 3 is not available. In the current release we have only included the required template files for the Blend admin theme and Six client theme. If you are using a custom theme with Bootstrap 3 you should not see too much issues either.

We have included an upgrade script to perform the upgrade of current 0.1.x branch releases. Be very careful upgrading your old installation, as quit some changes need to be made to the database. Make sure you have a working back-up before upgrading!

When you are upgrading please remove all existing files before uploading the new files to your installation directory. Most files will no longer be used as the file arrangement has been changed dramatically.

Internal API
The Internal API has changed. Please be aware old API calls will no longer work with the 0.2.x branch. Please see the Internal API documentation in order to update your API calls.

Please contact us to have your license updated in order to allow the new 0.2.x branch to work properly. Otherwise you might run into issues whit creating new zones.