v0.2.3 RC released

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We are excited to announce SoluteDNS for WHMCS v0.2.3 RC is now available. To review which bug fixes, enhancements and new features are included please review the changelog.

Download Now | Changelog

End of the beta program
Per February 1st, 2016 the beta program has been closed. Beta licenses issued before February 1st, 2016 will expire March 1st, 2016. If you have an issued beta license you are still eligible to benefit from the 60 day free trial of SoluteDNS. You can review pricing and compare editions on our website.

EOL v0.1.x branch
As announced before we have stopped supporting our v0.1.x branch per January 1st 2016. Our v0.2.x branch is fully compatible with WHMCS v6 and we fully encourage you to upgrade to WHMCS v6.

Five Template Style
The in the SoluteDNS package included template files are only compatible with the WHMCS Six client template. The Five client template files are available on GitHub.

Also check out the documentation for help with setting up SoluteDNS.
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