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If you want to receive news and announcements through e-mail please subscribe to our newsletter at:

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Why should I subscribe?
You should subscribe if you wish to receive information in your mailbox about news and announcements related to SoluteDNS like new releases, upcoming changes and other important information about SoluteDNS.

Questions and Answers:

How many e-mails do you send?
We do not send e-mail very regular. Mails are mainly send out on new releases, or other important announcements about SoluteDNS.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?
Yes, all newsletter e-mails we send contain a unsubscription link. If for any reason this link will not work you can always contact us to manually remove you from the list.

I already received the beta newsletter, do I need to re-subscribe?
For those who received a newsletter from us before in the beta program, we will no longer use this mailing list to send mails. If you still want to receive mailings please re-subscribe to our main list.
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