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Dynamic DNS

Posted: 13 Jan 2017, 16:58
by zelucas
Hi Guy's,

I would like to extend my PowerDns cluster so it can provide a dynamic dns service like no-ip. There are scripts which can interact with PDNS directly and allow for record updates via http etc.
It would be awesome to provide free a dynamic dns service via solutedns in whmcs which would help upsell the hosted dns service. It just like a logical module extension for solutedns.

A small client app would of course be helpful :)

Good weekend

Re: Dynamic DNS

Posted: 13 Jan 2017, 20:12
by Daniel
Thank you for your suggestion! We are working on an RESTful API for external management which may be very useful for your suggestion. You can however already benefit from the internal API which allows you to add/edit/delete records from within WHMCS but it would be possible to extend it to other addons which may make such use possible.