Upgrade Instructions v2 to v3 Professional Edition

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The new v3 - Professional Edition branch introduces quit some changes compared to the v2 - Legacy branch. For this reason please take note of the following:

Make sure you have working back-ups of both your WHMCS setup and database. The updater will remove all files from the SoluteDNS directory including customized files and will convert the current database records to be used with the new v3 branch.

Check your customisations
As you may be aware of the Local API has been deprecated which requires you to change your customized scripts in order to remain using them.

Remove Crons
Remove all previously created cron jobs for SoluteDNS. The new v3 branch fully relies on the WHMCS cron system.

Make sure your license is upgraded to the Professional Edition for WHMCS and your license is reissued. If we made changes to your license (for example adding an IPv6 address) please contact support in order to keep these changes as they are removed when the license is reissued.

  • SoluteDNS Core + Professional Edition License addon
  • SoluteDNS Core (Community Edition can be used without license addons)
See our Pricing page for more information.

License upgrade:
In our client portal :
  • First go to your current license details page and click upgrade. Choose the SoluteDNS Core and complete the upgrade order. If you have overpaid for the upgrade a minus due total is shown. This is added to your account credit and can be used for the next upgrade steps or renewals later on.
  • Now you have upgraded SoluteDNS you should check if your zone amount is set correctly. If not you can go back to the license details page and click Upgrade/Downgrade Options. Here you can change the zone amount here.
  • Your now ready to use the SoluteDNS Core. If you want to use the Community Edition module for WHMCS you are ready to activate the module. If you want to use the Professional Edition module you have to add this module as addon to your license. You can do this at: Services -> View Available Addons. Your Core license is shown here. Add the Professional Edition addon to your Core license and complete the order. Now you can activate the Professional Edition module for WHMCS.

Make sure after upgrading you remove the WHMCS template cache. You may also need to refresh your browser cache. Please take into account PHP might also cache scripts depending on your configuration.

After the upgrade has been completed please check all settings. The updater tries to retain your system settings but may not copy all settings in the way you want it to be as some changes have been made to the behaviour of SoluteDNS.

Upgrade Package: SoluteDNS for WHMCS v2.18.002
Documentation: Getting Started
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