Database Error Occurred

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23 Jan 2020, 21:24

Just installed SoluteDNS Core Community for WHMCS

Module Version: 1.19.001
Core Version: 1.19.001

Hope someone might be able to help.

Am receiving:

Database Error Occurred

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused in /home/davidrk3/public_html/modules/addons/solutedns/lib/Core/System/db.php:68 Stack trace: #0 /home/davidrk3/public_html/modules/addons/solutedns/lib/Core/System/db.php(68): PDO->__construct('mysql:dbname=po...', '(user)', '(password)', Array) #1 /home/davidrk3/public_html/modules/addons/solutedns/lib/Admin/Controller.php(823): solutedns\System\db::get() #2 /home/davidrk3/public_html/modules/addons/solutedns/lib/Admin/AdminDispatcher.php(58): WHMCS\Module\Addon\SoluteDNS\Admin\Controller->post(Array) #3 /home/davidrk3/public_html/modules/addons/solutedns/solutedns.php(406): WHMCS\Module\Addon\SoluteDNS\Admin\AdminDispatcher->dispatch('post', Array) #4 /home/davidrk3/public_html/admin/addonmodules.php(0): solutedns_output(Array) #5 {main}
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12 Feb 2020, 19:29

Please make sure the host WHMCS runs on is allowed to connect and login to the PowerDNS database. Most common issues causing this are incorrect ports, the databaser user is only allowed to connect from localhost or firewall rules either on the WHMCS side or PowerDNS side.
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